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Project Description
AgwpePort is a .NET component, modeled similar to the SerialPort component bundled with Visual Studio, used to facilitate TCP/IP communications with the AGWPE software written by George Rossopoulos (SV2AGW). AGWPE is widely accepted in the amateur radio packet software community and is a tool that provides a standard interface between packet radio software and associated hardware.

Combined with AGWPE, the AgwpePort component provides a simple easy approach to developing packet radio software that even less experienced users of Microsoft's Visual Studio products should be able to manage. To help ensure budding packet programmers can successfully give it a try, I have developed AgwpePort using only Visual C# Express Edition available from Microsoft's website. To further ensure success, I offer example projects, complete with C# source code, on the release page of this Wiki.

Demos using AgwpePort

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